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Valess aims to bring the same nourishing and tasty goodness close to you in every bite. Select your country to discover our range of tasty vegetarian options that have been specially crafted for enjoyable family mealtimes. Join us in savoring the goodness that's better for you, our family and the planet.

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For those in the UK, you may notice our brand listed as ‘Tender’lish’. Rest assured, Tender’lish represents our renowned range of Valess products tailored for the UK, offering the same delicious taste and quality you've come to expect from Valess internationally. Enjoy the familiar goodness under the name Tender’lish as part of the Valess family.

Can’t find your country?

We're expanding our reach internationally, and if your country isn't yet listed, rest assured, we're committed to introducing Valess to more countries, providing tasty vegetarian choices for you and your family in the near future.

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